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Nice neat corners!!!

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  • Nice neat corners!!!

    Hi All
    Have been making cushion covers for my lovely new conservatory and garden furniture, just piped and with a zip so can use them for either garden or chairs round the table in the conservatory.

    I have been making cushion covers for years and have been struggling to make a nice corner even though I have been snipping round the corner but for some reason I am struggling with a nice corner now???

    Any tips would be gratefully received


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    Hi Baz,
    Sew the piping to the fabric, and before you reach the corner, snip the seam allowance of the piping 2cm (or your seam allowance) from the bottom edge nearest to you. What you are doing is snipping it to the seam line of the cover, so that it will turn the corner neatly.

    Continue sewing down and stop when you reach the snip. Leave the needle in the fabric, turn the fabric 45 degrees and give the piping cord a bit of a tug to make it turn the corner sharply, then let it relax a bit - you don't want it stretched on the corner.

    Continue sewing, repeating for each corner.
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      There is a good recorded webinar about cushions on the Rowley website - click on the Recorded Webinars banner then I think they ask for your name and email. Scroll down the page for 'All about cushions'.

      sigpic Simply Sewing