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    Hello everyone,

    I always have this problem with tiebacks. how you calculate the tieback for the curtain you are making because you always have different width. Usually i do it when i will take it to the person hang them and then i put the inchtape, and have to do it later. And its bothering me.

    I will thank you very much for your help

    best regards


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    Suggested standards

    Maureen Whitmore suggests the following sizes as a rough guide for tiebacks: This is naturally dependent on the thickness of the fabric and the design / style of how the curtains are to fall. I would suggest that you keep a note of all tiebacks you make for future reference, I have a little book that I keep measurements in for quick reference, though I generally guess!

    Lined curtains
    • 1.0 widths - 50-60cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
    • 1.5 widths - 70-80cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
    • 2.0 widths - 80-90cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
    • 2.5 widths - 90-100cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
    • 3.0 widths - 100-110cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]

    Interlined curtains
    • 1.0 widths - 70-80cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
    • 1.5 widths - 80-90cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
    • 2.0 widths - 90-100cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
    • 2.5 widths - 100-110cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
    • 3.0 widths - 110-120cm[/*:m:382nd2sr]
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      Re: tie backs

      hello again,
      you gave a list of sizes but how wide is 1 width because here in malta you buy the fabric by how much you want the width. For e.g. if you need 100 inches width of fabric you buy that in one piece.
      Thank you for the list i am going to write it down for sure.

      beast regards



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        Re: tie backs

        In the UK one width is around 137-140cm or 54". Hope that helps.

        sigpic Simply Sewing


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          Re: tie backs

          Hello Louise,
          that was very helpful. I want to thank you i really appreciate it.

          Bye for now