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Box/bench cushions sizing question

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  • Box/bench cushions sizing question

    When you're making a piped box cushion going into a tight space (eg on a bench with vertical sides) is there a rule of thumb on measuring and cutting. So the bench is 60" wide, and I'm using 1/4" piping (which I know will add to the finished width of cushion). Do you cut your foam to the exact size of the bench, or bigger? Do you make your cover the exact size of the foam, or slightly smaller? I made one recently for a customer (they measured and supplied foam), made the cover to fit the foam, and it looked great until they squashed it into the bench and the foam co-operated, but the fabric has wrinkled up like crazy. (I usually wrap the foam with a light poly batting).

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    In a tight space I would make the cover approximately 1cm smaller than the actual measurement to allow for the piping projecting slightly. I always order the foam about 2cm larger and with dacron wrap.

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