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Piped zipped cushions - HELP!

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  • Piped zipped cushions - HELP!

    Dear wise ones, I've only made 1 piped zipped cushion before and attempting to make a 2nd but really struggling! Everything that could go wrong has. I've attached the piping and one side of the zip to the front cushion. Now I'm putting the back of the cushion on and sewing round from 1 edge of the zip, round 3 sides and back to other end of zip (before attaching last side of the zip) but the piped part of the cushion is smaller than the back. They were identical sizes at the start! I've sewn down one side and there is about 1 cm extra on the cushion back piece. I tried to stretch the front piped cushion side as I sewed but clearly not well enough. Obviously the piping has had an effect but what do I do? Help!

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    I've solved it by unpicking and re-sewing with the front piped cushion piece on top so I could control it better. Feeling a bit like Djokovic in that Wimbledon final - was a battle but feeling proud I got there! Now to do another one... (Job for tomorrow!) Definitely need more practice at this.


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      I was going to suggest you sew with the piped piece on top, a little less foot pressure and a larger stitch.

      Glad you're sorted.
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        You have my sympathy...…..but the last time I did piped cushions, I carefully followed the instructions in Maureen Whitmore's book and I made great job. There are lots of YouTube videos about zips and I think you just have to find one method that works for you and stick to it. Good luck......