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  • Whats wrong??

    Trying to put zips in today but not at all happy. I have changed needle, cotton and spool, cleaned out the fluff, used tissue paper, pulled the zip, pulled the fabric, but the puckering is not acceptable. The fabric fights the zip........the zip fights the fabric. The rest of the cushions went together fine, all piped and just waiting on the zip section.........anyone have any suggestions ????


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    Try using a large stitch, less pressure on the foot and lots of pins along the zip - If your feeling adventurous stitch from top with the fabric uppermost.
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      Thank you P, much better......not enough pins, not enough practise, not enough patience.......stitching the first bit fabric up helped. Three done, all acceptable but now I have had enough for the day........

      Hope you are well??? Enid


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        Pins, pins and more pins is the usual answer to slipping velvet.. Glad you're sorted Enid

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      Thanks. Might have been ok with Linara but shop.suggested this upholstery type......struggle for my machine.


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        Glad it’s sorted! Love the way you have piped. Is there also two pipes (? - ing) around the other sides?


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          Its single piped the normal way all round the cushions, top and bottom as they have gussets, but I see what you mean. That's not piping, its the way the fabric buts over the zip, and I suppose because its a velour fabric, its looks chunky......I use Kims Upholstery method to put the zip into the gusset. I find that video easy to follow and it works for me, well in most cases.


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            Thank you for the info. It’s very effective


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              When sewing velvet a good tip is to use double sided tape just inside of the stitch line. It stops the fabric from slipping and you can take this out after stitching. This works especially well when sewing seams on velvet curtains and also banding the leading edges. I have also used this method when making cushions. You should get a smooth finish with no puckering.

              Hope this helps


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                That's a useful tip Christine, thank you. Another use for the good old DST!

                Best wishes


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                  Wish I had known that tip when doing these joys, however, the fabric was sooo stiff that I should have said NO. Another friend with a heavier machine finally finished them for me and the customer has them now. They look as good as I could get them she is happy and has paid me........that said I needed to send my machine to be looked at, service and a new needle plate and £50.00 to get my gold bracelet mended as I snapped it when stuffing the seams down the sides of the of those very expensive jobs that come along every now and again and one learns from them.