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Wrinkled piping

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  • Wrinkled piping

    I'm making piped cushions in a medium weight upholstery fabric. Because I've had to return my (brand new!) walking foot machine for repair, grrr, I'm using my regular industrial machine with a zipper foot (which can get very close to the piping cord). I decided to make them in 3 steps - make the piping, attach piping to one side, and then join the other side. I'm finding that the piping is wrinkled in some parts (not all). The fabric is cut on the bias. I must have made 1000s of yards of piping in my time, but I can't figure out what causes this. Am I not stitching close enough? Stretching the fabric? Not stretching the fabric? Help please!?

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    I'm not able to help with your conundrum but it was of interest to me that my upholsterer never cuts his piping on the bias for anything. Hope someone else has the answer for you. Its so frustrating when things dont go as planned


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      Could it be that the upper and lower sides of the piping are not feeding through the machine evenly? It might be worth changing the needle size- I find my semi-industrial Janome 1600 machine is quite fussy about needle size.

      Hope you find a solution soon.

      Best wishes