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    So the drill comes out this week, new curtain poles and hooks for tie-backs, but I have three different height windows in one room but not on the same walls. All 120cm track, 1 @ 88cms depth to sill, 1 @ 117cms depth to sill and 1 full length with a window break @ 117cms. The curtains for the 2 smaller windows will be made 15cms above and below the actual window, (is this the right proportion?) and the full length will puddle on floor. The curtains will be 'joined' at the centre, so the tiebacks will keep them open, (until I can make the Roman Blinds). Mind you I haven't even finished the first pair of curtains yet but I live in hope (might die in despair at snails pace I'm going).

    Any suggestions as to where to put the tie-backs?

    Many thanks

    J (Novice)

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    Re: Tieback height

    Are the poles all at the same height?
    I think you might have to get the drill out again, after you have employed some small children to stand holding tie backs at different heights until you see what you like.
    Normally, I like to see tiebacks all the same distance from the floor, but that may not be possible with that very small window. You might have to compromise. Or just have them at the full lenght ones, they sometimes don't work so well with sill length curtains, in my opinion.


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      Re: Tieback height

      Hi Nic,

      I'm with you on that - not a big fan of tie backs on short curtains - actually not a fan of short curtains either!



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        Re: Tieback height

        For your own curtains, get someone to hold the tieback in place until you are happy. I'm also not a fan of tiebacks on short curtains (or short curtains!), so they may look better without.
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings