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Dormer rod for 126cm wide window?

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  • Dormer rod for 126cm wide window?

    Hi all,

    I came across a tricky window this morning in a study - it is one of these windows that opens inwards at the top or at the right side and it is in a recess. They don't open/close the window often but do need to do so occasionally. My first thought was a Roman attached to the window but there is a large, protruding handle that would interfere with that. So next thought - and one that the client liked - was to have a dormer rod attached to the left side of the wall with a single left sided curtain. Easy - or so I thought! I've tried a couple of places and was dismayed to find that the widest dormer rod they had was 106 cm. Does anyone know where I could buy a wider one? The recess is 126.5 cm wide

    Thank you!

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    Re: Dormer rod for 126cm wide window?

    I think Cameron Fuller might be able to supply up to 150cm.....if you go to [urlnew:3o27633f][/urlnew:3o27633f] and look to the bottom of page 7 'Accessories' there is a diagram of a portiere rod which states 'variable up to 1.5m'. I have an account with them - PM me if you need more info.

    Alternatively, is there any way you could use 2 short dormer rods to make a small pair of curtains?

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      Re: Dormer rod for 126cm wide window?

      Hi Sue
      You could try Hunter Hyland, they do Dormer rods cut to length, however they do not reccommend over 1 metre as the curtain may sag due to the weight
      How about using a "Perfect fit" blind by Louverlite. These can be fitted direct to the window. I think they are available in pleated & venetian style.
      Hope this is of use


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        Re: Dormer rod for 126cm wide window?

        You could have one made by a local blacksmith.
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
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