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  • Questions!

    Hi everyone,

    as you all know i took over an existing business a few months ago, and I've now come to a point, where I need to decide on some dos and donts!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated....

    1. Do you fit tracks and poles, as I've had a horrendous experience last week, my joiner fitted the pole, but it keeps coming off, with wieght of curtains, its a new extension, they love the curtains, but dont want my joiner to return! am seriously thinking of no longer offering a fitting service, just a hanging service. spoke to my local trading standards officer and she also said that its not worth the hassle. So just wondering what everybody else offers!

    2. Also, the above lead me to think about terms and conditions, I do not have any at present, what kind of thing should I put in this?

    Had a real headache of a week last week, but hey ho gotta keep going....

    hope ur all well, roll on xmas break
    Sukhi x
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    Re: Questions!

    I recently used Fit-ex for the first time - they specialise in this type of job. There may be a franchise near you (or someone else that specialises in fitting tracks etc. - Yellow Pages or a quick Google might help). Fit-ex.

    Terms and conditions have already been discussed quite a bit - this is a good starting point T&Cs.

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      Re: Questions!

      You can lose a job by not offering a total service, including fitting (my family have always been diyers, so I can't understand that a client can't find anyone to put up a pole FOC and wants to pay!). We only fix hardware that we supply.

      Have you spoken to your joiner to find out what the problem was, has he learned from it, does he understand what would be needed in future?

      Alternatively, you can tell the client that the fitter will contact them direct to quote and they to pay directly. Then you do not have as much liability.

      Yes, definitely have t&c's.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings