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Smooth running of Eyelets

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  • Smooth running of Eyelets

    This may sound like a silly question but I dont own a pair of eyelet curtains and I have only made them twice. However, I have a customer who I have just made some double width eyelet headed curtains. They are metal eyelets put in with a press and are on a metal pole. The customer expected the curtains to run along the pole smoothly, like curtain rings, but finds that she has to pull the curtain so far, then draw up some more from the back and then continue to pull and do this a couple of times until the curtains are drawn. When you push the curtains back to the open position they move along the pole freely.

    Is this normal for eyelets or is there something wrong?

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    Re: Smooth running of Eyelets

    I'm sure you know that the hole in the eyelets need to be a little larger (around 1cm) than the diameter of the pole to ensure they work smoothly.

    You could try spraying some silicone spray (or household polish) onto a duster and wiping it along the length of the pole to help the eyelets slide smoothly. Eyelet curtains do need a little attention to keep them looking even.

    I have seen plastic snap-in liners for eyelets somewhere that are supposed to make them glide more smoothly - I will keep looking and post if I find some.......

    Jones Interiors have some Jones Interiors eyelet catalogue.

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      Re: Smooth running of Eyelets

      I use silicone spray - works a treat


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        Re: Smooth running of Eyelets

        Eyelets won't run as smoothly because they are at an angle to the pole. But Silicon spray will help.
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          Re: Smooth running of Eyelets

          Thank you for your replies.

          I have used 40mm eyelets on a 32mm pole so maybe they are a bit smaller than they should be. I have tried furniture polish and wax and that didnt help so I will try sillicone spray next.