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One-way draw or two-way draw?

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  • One-way draw or two-way draw?

    Could someone verify that I've understood the above terms correctly please, in relation to corded tracks.

    One-way draw - cord on one side only, which draws both curtains apart and together.

    Two-way draw - cords on both sides, so each side can be operated individually.

    I also wondered if one-way draw meant that both curtains were gathered to one side, but no-body would do that, would they?

    Much appreciated


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    Re: One-way draw or two-way draw?

    Not too sure about this but I would have thought that two way draw will pull both curtains apart together, at the same time. One way draw will pull both curtains together to either left or right, perhaps this can be used when there is only stackback available at one side of window ? but I'm no expert, perhaps someone else will know.?

    Cat C.
    Kind regards



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      Re: One-way draw or two-way draw?

      Hi Lois
      Yea I think you are right. Two way draw is having a pull cord at each side - this is used when they curtains pull back unevenly or when for example in a large bay it is better to have each curtain drawing individually due to the strain that it woud put on the pulley system.
      Some companies will make a one way draw if it is for a single curtain.


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        Re: One-way draw or two-way draw?

        Hi Lois,

        You are totally correct with the one way and two way terms.

        I use the Evans tracks which are the best i've seen for corded options, they can do every application known - even a corded one side for a single curtain.




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          Re: One-way draw or two-way draw?

          Thank you so much. I guess it should be obvious but I wanted to double check my interpretation before I ordered entirely the wrong thing


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            Re: One-way draw or two-way draw?

            Be careful with the terms when ordering as there can be different interpretations applied to the terms.................
            two way draw could mean individually corded each side or just that tha curtains pull back to each side as normal

            Split cording is usually the term used to describe indiviadual cording each side and requires a centre pulley.



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              Re: One-way draw or two-way draw?

              Corded on one side will either open one curtain to the left or to the right. Corded on both sides will operate a pair of curtains independantly. In the case of the Silent Gliss poles it means you can double the weight capacity of the pole. The pole is strong enough but a piece of cord will only pull so much weight.

              For example a 2m corded 30mm Metropole will operated efficiently with 9kg weight in one curtain only. If you have a pair it will be 10kg in total weight if you have a pair of curtains as the weight is spread across a smaller distance. (corded one side)

              If you opt for cording at either end you can operate a pair of curtains separately with a total weight of 20kg. Its all very scientific (its a Swiss Company) everything is tested and if you look at the product PDF's you will see all the weight guidelines.
              Karen Rhodes
              Karen Rhodes Design
              Pole Design