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  • Track for Recess

    My client would like a really sleek look. Is still considering Wave or similar heading. They would like the tracks to be inside (ceiling mounted) to the recess, and be really sleek and 70s looking. They do not want a conventional white track, but possibly something chrome or steel, and if they are noticeable, to be as clean looking and minimalist as possible.

    The curtains will be a heavy chenille/velvet lined only probably.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Track for Recess

    If its a sleek 70's retro look they are after, the flat mirrored flat tracks are a good choice for using inside recess.

    Smoked glass was huge in the 70's so if you find one, it will fit the scheme. It will allow you to hang the curtains below the track to get the wave effect you are after as the curtain will need to be placed under the intended track.

    Kestrel do a mirrored pelmet that is very retro, I'm not sure who the supplier of that product is yet!

    [attachment=0:4vm345un]kestrel mirror-plemet.jpg[/attachment:4vm345un]


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      Re: Track for Recess

      Poles Direct have a good range of tracks in various colours. They also supply the mirrored pelmet.

      Kestrel is part of Lister Corniche.

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        Re: Track for Recess

        Have you seen the Byron & Bryon Polmet range? Distributed by Hallis Hudson, only up to 300cm long, but a wide choice of finishes
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings