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  • Curtain Pole Fitting

    Hi All,
    Justa quickie - is there a set rule with regard to how much pole overhang there should be between the fixing brackets and the finial. I had trouble with tricky fitting last night, and I think a lot of it was that there was 6" of pole between the bracket and the finial. This meant that the curtains could not be pulled back very far, but also dictated that with a fixed heading (goblets) the 2nd goblet really needed to go on the outside edge of the bracket, which then meant that the curtains would not close.

    I don't normally have problems but then the overhang is normally about 2".


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    Re: Curtain Pole Fitting

    Dear Sue .
    I am not a professional curtain maker , but I do like poles. For myself I like to allow where possible at least an extra 2 feet, 1 foot each end. Bracket positioned 6 inches from window edge. Remainder 6 inches for finial.
    Example; 6 foot window, 8 foot pole.


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      Re: Curtain Pole Fitting

      Hi sue
      When my fitter puts poles up for my clients he works on 2" or 5cm distance between the position of the bracket and the end of the pole with finial. However others here may do it differently.
      Kindest Regards


      Denton Drapes


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        Re: Curtain Pole Fitting

        I always allow just enough room for 1 ring to sit comfortably between the bracket and the finial. Any more than that it just dead space. This way the last pleat sits right at the edge of the curtain and the return wraps neatly round to the wall and fixings can be attached to the bracket to hold the return in place if necessary. I usually allow extend the pole 20-30cm past the window opening. I once went to measure up and the brackets were fitted level with the window opening, but with 30cm of pole outside of this - totally useless as all the curtain in this return had to remain static all the time. Client thought I was stupid until I put them up and showed her!!!


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          Re: Curtain Pole Fitting

          I agree with Julie, just enough room between the bracket and finial to hold one ring. As Julie says, this helps to keep the return in place and to hang nicely.

          A good rule of thumb for length of pole to width of window is to add a third of the window width, one half of this each side. I have found that this normally allows for enough stack back without too much going in front of the glass, if you see what I mean.
          Kind regards
          Pen Harrison
          Colly Brook Fine Furnishings