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  • Portofino - Touched By Design

    I have just had one of my 'pain' customer in - who wanted a Copes Portfolio pole in November when they went into receivership.

    This cheeky monkey, had actually phoned Copes directly and said she was me to gain information!!!! Like I said 'PAIN-in-the-A' kind.

    She has come in today and has just bought from Poles Direct a Portofino Swirl pole, which surprise, surprise looks identical to the Porfolio range.

    The maker is a company called Touched by Design, but I can't find them on Google - anyone can point me in the right direction?


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    Re: Portofino - Touched By Design

    I spoke to the rep for Price and Co and they are bringing out a pole which is similar to the portfolio range from Copes as are Hallis Hudson. No one seems to know who Touched By Design are (perhaps it is Copes trading as something else .....!)


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      Re: Portofino - Touched By Design

      Ooooooooo interesting


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        Re: Portofino - Touched By Design

        Price and Co have taken on the Portfolio range that Copes previously carried and are now available!
        Price & Company Ltd

        Introducing - The Regency Portfolio Collection.
        Modern Gold Finish shown with a Scroll Finial
        Antique Ivory Finish shown with a Ball Finial
        Antique Cream Finish shown with a Leaf Finial
        Antique Gold Finish shown with a Spiral Ball Finial
        All finishes and Finials available in either 35mm or 48mm

        Sourced from the UK and Europe, coloured and finished in the UK.

        For Further information please contact sales - either
        Telephone: 01273439527
        Fax: 01273421888
        email: [email protected]