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Advice needed on type of curtain track

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  • Advice needed on type of curtain track

    Hi I have been asked to make curtains for several windows, all of which have wall mounted blinds with pelmets. The pelmets protrude 4"from the wall and are positioned 6" above and to each side of window opening.
    My problem is, where would I position the pole/track and how deep should the extended brackets be(if I can find some) in order to clear the pelmet.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you all.

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    I think you will need your customer's opinion on where to position the pole/track, make sure you know their assumptions before ordering anything.

    How far the new brackets project also depends on what style of curtain heading is planned - it it's a pole then the spaces between the pleats/rings are usually knocked backwards towards the wall so will need to clear the pelmet. The amount the folds project back will depend on the size of the spaces between the pleats. However, they could be trained forwards instead, which is what you would do if the curtains were hanging from a track with the hooks set down from the top edge of the curtain panel.

    If the curtains are heavy then the brackets will need to be sturdy to hold them with a larger projection.

    Many suppliers have brackets with larger projections, or adjustable brackets which should help. I don't suppose the pelmets can be removed to just leave the blinds? You may also find that the colour/finish of the pole or track influences which range of pole or track has the right bracket. Do you have a preferred supplier which would help narrow the choice down?

    Another option would be to install wooden blocks to fix the brackets to if that increases the projection enough.

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      Kath, have you broached the subject about removing the pelmets with your customer? Personally I think they are going to be too dominant behind any pole or track to give best effect. There's obviously a reason the customer wants to keep the rollers outside the recess, but another way is to install normal 6"pelmet boards and hang the rollers from the underside. But as Louise said the curtain heading also needs to be considered. At least with a pelmet and or valance the curtain heading could be a pencil pleat.