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    Need some advice here .....I have a customer who is having pinch pleat on a pole, just below sill length curtain. There is a 200cm batten in situ which they would rather not remove, so we were looking at putting the brackets onto the batten BUT to the right of the batten are the up and down central heating pipes to the radiator below the window. Initial idea was to take the pole, 260cms, to cover the pipes to hide them, they are ugly, but that would leave about 15/20cms of curtain not moving when they are open........not being able to pull beyond the last bracket. There is not enough room between the batten / pipes to put brackets so if we went to 300cm pole to cover everything, will need another half width of fabric each side.
    The outside brackets will be on the wall, but the central one will be on the batten so will be 2cms further out than the other two. Not sure if this is making sense......she is looking at Jones Lunar but they don't have adjustable brackets which is what I think this will need. Trying to avoid Dunelm and B and Q but does anyone have suggestions?? I would like to stick with the original plan of 260cm pole and if I can get adjustable brackets then we could put central one on batten and other ones as far as I can rather than pfaff about with an extra half width on the curtain......any suggestions would be gratefully taken on board.........oh did I mention that this is for D-in-Law no 1???????

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    Hi Enid

    You can buy many adjustable brackets - Loads of options on ebay.
    Have you registered your business yet?

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      The batten is proberbly 2x1 if you use a piece of same downwards against the pipes you use the standard bracket and the curtains cover the extension. same if the wall is no good


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        Thanks, having finally got son to understand why mother wants to put the brackets where she wants to put them and why, I think we shall go with the pole of their choice and raid the garage for a suitable bit of wood............thankfully I am not fitting them ......he is........ will get back when it works.



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          Well done and good luck. Keep us informed


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            Not the prettiest, it will look better when painted and the curtains are in situ but it worked....... Click image for larger version  Name:	pole 1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	19.2 KB ID:	130322Click image for larger version  Name:	pole 2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	22.3 KB ID:	130323

            For some strange reason he did not paint the pipes when decorating the lounge????? Its a man thing , they only do 95% of any job....exceptions for our male members of course.


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              Jeez, ugly pipes! there are some easy options to box them in so they will blend with the wall a lot better.
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                Aren't they just!!!!!!! I would have had the below window radiator moved and the pipes sunk, but I'm only Mum. Once the curtains are up, the pipes painted , it will look better.....