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    Silly question probably but I have a SG 1080 to fit. Straight run of 475cm. It comes in a single piece from HH. This is for a 2nd floor apartment. Would I be wise to order it in 2 halves with joiner. How sturdy are the joiners? I would have it delivered direct but just trying to imagine the logistics of getting it up the stairs and round the corners.

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    I would think the joiners will be sturdy enough, you will have brackets each side. And 230cm should be okay to go up the stairs, I wouldn't try for 475cm!
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    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      I've used a joiner on a long SG track and it worked perfectly well.

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        Thanks. Two pieces then


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          the joiners are excellent, stronger than the tracks. If you are running a single curtain then you might need to take a file to the inner edges of the glider slot to ensure that there are no burrs/sharp edges. I recently did a 5.5m run in two sections with a single voile and it worked very well.
          John Quine
          Brooke Design
          Fylde Coast


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            In situations like this (very long single track having to be fitted second storey of building), I recommend doing a reccie of the building before making a decision to split in two halves. Often there is a stairwell that a long piece can (with two pairs of hands) be transported upwards. Then look at the actual configuration of hallways into the actual room it's to be fitted in. That may be the most tricky part, even though there is a slight amount of flexibility in a track ( none in a long pole!). With a fitter's help I have transported tracks up the front of terraced townhouse that had the room's window on the street, using some cord tied round them and hauling them up. Again a two person job. More problematical is where a very long Metropole had been ordered and I knew I couldn't transport myself to the customer's house. I arranged delivery direct to the customer and cleared it with them that the delivery men could leave it (still in it's packaging) lying at the base of the house wall in the driveway till I was able to come to fit it. I was worried, I'll admit it, that it would be nicked, but there was no other solution. I figured that if I with a van couldn't shift this almost 5 mtr thing, then a casual thief who wouldn't be aware that the tube contained a very expensive pole, wouldn't be tempted.