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track for 3 width pinch pleats

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  • track for 3 width pinch pleats

    Hello all

    Have a huge dilemma, having mastered the art of beautiful pinch pleats with the help of Wendy Shorter Interiors, I felt initially that I would never have a problem with pinch pleats again, got the measurements, workings out and now I have a pair of 3 width pinch pleats to make for my sisters house, they are having a kirstch track fitted by a local guy in Harpenden, but my dilemma now is that the track is a corded one and really worried about the arm and behind on the leading edge, what do I do?!?!?!?!?!?! I am guessing the the back will have a flat panel and no pinch pleat????? Can anyone give me some idea as my confidence has been deflated, know I can make the beautiful curtains but they have to be right for the track.

    i wait with baited breath and hope someone can put my mind at ease, what with the 17 metres of fabric, interlined also and god if they were wrong for the track I would be heartbroken for my sister, so they have to be right.

    Thanks gang, wait to hear from you soon
    stressed smiley

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    Re: track for 3 width pinch pleats

    Hi Smiley,
    Measure the overlap/masters separately, and make these up flat, with the first pleat on each curtain actually on the track face itself. Also measure the depth of the track for the return to the wall, and have the first pleat on the outside edge well onto the track face.

    If the masters are different lengths, either make the curtains the same flat width and adjust the pleat widths, or make the left and right curtains different widths to accommodate this. I make the curtains different widths, myself.
    Kind regards
    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings