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    Re: Working with fitters

    Dear Gemma, thank you for your suggestion but the thought of using a handyman makes me shudder! Both of my fitters are very experienced and do a good job.
    I agree with you in that it seems everyone works differently, It can be difficult to have a set way of working with fitters when each job can pose seperate issues.
    I think that the main problem in my area is the lack of good fitters so they call the shots as it were.

    Kind Regards


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      Re: Working with fitters

      Originally posted by Christine Martin View Post
      Hi Kate,

      I would be interested if you or Sue find anyone, or if I find someone I will let you know.

      Kind Regards
      Please feel free to take a look at our website

      MyFitter may be able to help you or your colleagues.

      Our experienced curtain fitters can fit all types of curtain tracks, poles and blinds corded or un-corded straight or curved. They carry all the tools and equipment necessary to tackle the most demanding jobs.

      We can also hang, dress and steam curtains to ensure they look their best.

      Attention to detail is foremost in the service we provide which means you can relax in the knowledge that the installation will be taken care of allowing you to focus on other aspects of the job.

      Our Hertfordshire based curtain fitters cover all London boroughs as well as Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and beyond.
      Please feel free to call.
      Kind regards,
      James Dudley

      Curtain & Blind Fitting
      Domestic & Commercial


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        I measure up for the poles/blinds myself and add the cost of the job into my Estimate, I roughly estimate myself what the cost will be based upon previous jobs my fitter has done for me. I must admit I do worry a little when measuring for bay windows, but so long as you take loads of measurements plus angles, I haven't yet got it wrong!! Once you do a few jobs you will become more confident.