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Tricky Dressing Curtains

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  • Tricky Dressing Curtains

    I had a pair of curtains to fit last night. Goblets 1.5 widths in each curtain. The client wanted a fixed heading look, i.e. the leading edges fairly close together, with the bulk of the curtain held back with a round disc holdback. These had been fitted high about 1/3rd down the overall drop, in keeping with the look she wanted. As these were at a patio door, I tried to persuade her, at the design stage to go for something more practical. The curtains were also overlong, to cater for the shortening effect where the curtains were draped. (She has a two year old and another on the way!)

    They took me at least 1 hour to get the right sort of look. Has anyone else had problems dressing/fitting curtains with these holdbacks?

    I have a horrible feeling I will hear from her again. Any breath of wind from the open door is bound to disturb them, I can't imagine she will be able to keep re-dressing them. She was very pleased with them when I left, but they were very difficult to dress quickly with these discs.

    Any advice?


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    Italian Strung

    Hello Sue,

    People do want the impossible don't they?

    I, personally, would have suggested Italian Strung curtains as I think you're right about the curtains not always 'staying put' behind these hold backs. This way the hold backs would be decorative and not the main stay of the whole design. I used a pair last week that had a funny hook enclosed in the hold back pack and wondered if this was to sew on somewhere to make the curtains 'behave'. I was too tired to work it out...! If anyone knows what I should have done with the hook, please feel to tell me.....


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      Re: Tricky Dressing Curtains

      Hi Rosie,
      Im not 100% sure but i think the hooks are to put on the holdback so you can use tie backs with them too. You hook the tie backs onto the hook. This is what a curtain lady friend of mine told me anyway.


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        Re: Tricky Dressing Curtains

        I really feel for you sue, what a job!!! dont know about the breath of wind, the 2 year old will probably re dress them i would think.......


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          Hello Sharon,

          I hadn't thought of that. Sounds perfectly logical to me!


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            Re: Tricky Dressing Curtains

            Yes, Rosie, the hook is to go onto the tieback.

            Any dress curtains aren't going to stay that way once someone has touched them! Even just hoovering (especially overlong ones) will disturb them (although perhaps people dont hoover as much
            Kind regards
            Pen Harrison
            Colly Brook Fine Furnishings