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Eyelet placement

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  • Eyelet placement

    I came a cross a pair of eyelet curtains yesterday at a customer's house and the eyelet placement or positioning wasn't even.
    The eyelets that create the forward fold were further apart than the eyelets that create the backward fold. I hope I have explained this so you all understand.
    This was done because the projection from the wall to pole was limited.
    I have never seen this done before and thought what a brilliant solution to the problem. Has anyone else seen or done this and are the any intructions avaliable to help with calculations.
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes

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    Eyelet placement/hook placement

    Hello Penny,

    I haven't done this with eyelets but have used this principle when making my own 'wave effect' type curtains some years ago, again where the forward projection of the track was limited. It took a bit of trial and error to come up with satisfactory spacings.

    I have no idea if there are any calculations out there for ring placements to give this effect. If there isn't, I'd be tempted to sit with a few pieces of buckram and a pair of scissors and cut out holes to try to get the 'effect ' you're after without wasting eyelets. I wonder if the width of the curtain will be affected? I wonder if you're not moving the forward placement of the wave forward by the same amount, whether you'd need to allow more fabric and more eyelets???

    Good luck with it. I'd like to know if you work it out!