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  • Pleating to Pattern Calculations

    Hi ... I'm frying my brain working out pleats and spaces to pleat to pattern on a pair of interlined curtains where the horizontal pattern repeat is 28 cm and the corded curtain track is 375 cm with no overlap arm. I've arrived at the following, which works beautifully with the pattern, but I'm concerned the spaces will protrude too far forward between the pleats, which will be triple pleats: ....

    15 spaces @ 12.0 cm = 180
    16 pleats @ 16 cm = 256
    Leading Edge = 8 cm
    Return = 8 cm
    2 x side turns @ 5 cm = 10 cm

    I may well be overthinking this, but wondering if there is another option which would work better on the track or some reassurance that this will give a good result!?

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    When pleating to pattern you sometimes have to compromise, like accept that the spaces might project a little further than you might otherwise plan when they have to knock forwards. To reduce the space size (even if you could to fit the pattern) you would then need more pleats and increase the amount of fabric you need and the stackback when the curtains are open which may cause other issues.

    sigpic Simply Sewing