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Wave heading and overlaps

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  • Wave heading and overlaps

    Am I correct in thinking that using a wave system track for wave headings there isn't an overlap/underlap? I've been asked to do a wave heading, but the requirement is for a good amount of blackout. The track, which I'm asked to specify will be ceiling fixed, but there are a number out there and I'm trying to find one with overlap arms. When I've used the Tempo tape the overlaps are not elegant, but is this the only method ? Or has anyone made curtains with a wave system ( SG Wave or Evans' Easy Flex) and used magnets to keep the curtains together?

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    I think wave systems are like eyelets in that there isn't an overlap, just the edgeof the panel that returns towards the wall/window.

    I haven't used magnets myself, but there is a post here somewhere from someone who used them successfully with eyelet curtains......

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      No overlaps on wave. The two leading edges run towards the window, The flat surfaces of the leading edge will butt up to each other. Both SG and Evans do a good top-fix track.
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