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Stack back width??

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  • Stack back width??

    Does anyone know how to calculate a stack back width, ie how much fabric will be stacked either side of the window.

    I have a client who is quite specific in how far back her curtains should be stacked and I'm unfamiliar with the calculation to work it out ~~~~~~~~~!

    The curtains are goblet pleat , interlined on lathe and fascia track/boards. 4 widths in total and I have allowed a 35cm stack as a guestimate

    Any ideas

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    Re: Stack back width??

    Hi Tamatha...

    I can only imagine you would need to measure the bulk and times it by the number of goblets. You've got a fussy one there!

    Have you registered your business yet?

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      Re: Stack back width??

      best of luck she sounds a real fussy one.W e have just had a nightmare customer ,he just went around measuring everything to the nearest millimetre . I think he suffers from OCD !!!!!!!


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        Re: Stack back width??


        I think a rule of thumb is about 1/3 of the glass size (not track size), but that doesn't sound accurate enough for your customer!

        If there is a formula I'd be interested in knowing it, but it would need to be adjustable for each type of heading, fabric weight and lining or interlining.



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          Re: Stack back width??

          Gosh the things we do! I have been around my own home measuring the widths of the various curtains hanging lol~! I have come to the conclusion it will be 40cm stack back!

          The fabric is a silk, spec is heavily interlined and black out as its the bedroom .I have explained the stiffness of 3 pass on silk and have shown her the alternative I prefer to use which is venus dimout from Edmund Bell as its very fluid, ,,,,but,,, shes insisting on 3 pass aggghhh!. I have had the fabric on order from Clarissa Hulse for 3 weeks now, and have now been told theres a six week wait as it needs to be made and printed, then imported. Even worse , they only supply 25 m bolts and I need 30 m!!!!! So, I have had to give the cut lengths, I blooming well hope they cut it correctly as at £60 per metre, I cant afford to get this one wrong! This is just the first room,,, Master bedroom, with 3 m drops

          Client is quite specific that she wants the curtains to skim the edges of the architrave when stacked back to allow as much light in to the room so no covering of the glass at all. I'm having kittens over this one already, but I am equally excited as its going to look superb!

          We are starting from the top floor down at the moment and theres 3 floors to do

          Thanks anyway guys, I'll keep you posted !


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            Re: Stack back width??

            Looks as though you have challenge more ways than one, but I am confident you will rise to it. Be sure to keep us informed and some pics in the gallery would be nice.

            Best if luck. Enid


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              Re: Stack back width??

              If anybody has the patterns for Merrick and Day's tieback use this as a guide. For example they suggest sizes for both lined and interlined curtains.

              Double width interlined would be say 80cm so you could allow at least 40cm of a stack back for each curtain and so on and so forth. There is no accurate way to predict this accurately I am afraid as all fabrics have different weights and would therefore stack back differently. I would explain this to the customer so that they don't complain after they are made and the curtains does not stack as you predicted.
              Hope this helps.
              Karen Rhodes
              Karen Rhodes Design
              Pole Design


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                Re: Stack back width??

                It does Karen, many thanks , never thought of that!

                After speaking to the track fitters, they have said 40cm is ok too. Fingers crossed