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Eyelets with contrast band at top

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  • Eyelets with contrast band at top

    Hi there,

    I've seen in some magazines recently pictures of eyelet curtains in a self-coloured fabric with a band of different colour - say about 50cm deep - at the top. This can look quite effective but I was wondering how to achieve it - is it fabric that is woven that way or is it as simple as joining a width of contrasting fabric horizontally to the main fabric?? In which case, doesn't a horizontal join cause potential problems with the drape etc?

    Thank you in anticipation!

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    Re: Eyelets with contrast band at top

    Hi Sue

    The contrasting bands are generally added to the main part of the fabric, Kathy posted a set of eyelet curtains with contrasting band. see here I wouldn't recommend too much bulk within the seam, and unless totally necessary I wouldn't overlock the join, a simple lockstitch is sufficient unless the fabric is prone to fraying.

    Thank you for the email, Sue, I appreciate it!

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