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    Have just finished a pair of cafe style tab tops for customer to hang on window between kitchen and garden room. Fabric is a LA stripe, nice but a bit like deckchair canvas, and the tabs are too wide and are not stacking back much at all. They were a pain to make as the fabric is quite thick. Going to take them off and try the old fashioned narrow tape, curtain hooks and put them on rings on her pole..... BUT the tape will be seen from the other side of the window in the other room.
    Apart from sewing on brass hooks instead, does anyone have any other suggestions. She has paid for the rest of the job but I am not charging more for this, so I don't want to be hours and hours at it. Taking off alternate tabs won't work looks all wrong.

    Saturday evening and I am thinking of sad is that??


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    Re: tab tops

    Hi Enid

    Have you considered using a single piece of fabric for the tabs? You could then use a roll hem foot to turn the sides in, this would allow you to make thinner strips for the tabs. Alternatively you could use a contrasting india tape and make tie tops if the client would be open to this idea.

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      Re: tab tops

      To be honest, P, I think she has gone off the whole tab idea when she saw them up....the last lot were old and very thin and worn.The contrast tape might work as there are tie on seat pads already in the room, they were a pain as well. I shall ponder on and maybe suggest this.

      Thanks, Enid


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        Re: tab tops

        Hi Enid,
        how about using clip hooks that clip onto the fabric? You could gather the fabric first if necessary.
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings