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Fullness ratio for voiles?

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  • Fullness ratio for voiles?

    Hi all

    Finally back to curtain quotations after nearly 6 weeks of pure dressmaking, and yet another new area for me.

    I'm quoting for a treatment similar to page 70 of the M & D Encyclopaedia for a 3 year old kid's room, using a blackout roman blind as the main window covering and using voile to give this lovely soft romantic effect.

    Instead of tying the curtains to the track as this photo shows, I will be using narrow gather tape as a heading as the tracks in this rented house are bog awful and I want to hide them completely.

    The client's wanting to keep costs down as the house is rented for only a year. However, I really don't want a flat effect. Would 1.5 times give a generous enough effect, do you think?

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    Re: Fullness ratio for voiles?


    Personally I always use a min 2.5 but looking at the picture you'll probably get away with 2 - I'd think 1.5 would be cutting it very fine.

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      Re: Fullness ratio for voiles?

      Hmm, you could be right. It's tough as it's all about spending as little money as possible for this couple, but I'm not going to undercharge because of that so I guess I shouldn't be mean about the fabric either. Thanks.


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        Re: Fullness ratio for voiles?

        I usually use 2.5 as well. You could probably get away with 2 but like Philip, I wouldn't risk 1.5 in case they look flat.