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Lining and costing dilema!

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  • Lining and costing dilema!

    I hope all you knowledgable curtains makers can give me some advice here please!
    I have been asked to make a pair of blackout lined curtains in fabric that it 260cm wide. I do still need to seam widths together as they are approximately 2.5 widths total. Would I price per width of this size, or base the cost on an average 137cm / 140cm width?
    Also, would I need double width blackout so the seams lie together, or could I just seam standard size BO lining together, but obviously have more seams than the face fabric?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would cost it at fabric which is 137cm wide, as apart from seaming it together there is still as much work

    I am not sure if you can get double width black out?
    K W Designs


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      I would cost it as normal, and also dont think you can get double width blackout, at least not easily.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Thanks so much for your advice Pen and Kathy and for reassuring me that I'm doing the right thing cost wise. I just assumed that double width blackout existed, but have to say I have never seen it in my usual supplier catalogues, so decision made and something learnt - this site is just brilliant!
        Have a great weekend!


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          Easy Blinds supply blackout that is 2.7m wide.

          Edmund Bell may also be able to supply but I don't have their catalogue to hand.......

          sigpic Simply Sewing


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            I knew Louise would find it!!
            Kind regards
            Pen Harrison
            Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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              Many thanks! Just had a search myself and there's some on ebay too for future ref -

              Thanks to this post I now have 'one needle' - must be going up in the world


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                Edmund Bell do a fabric called Zanzibar. I have used it for unlined contract curtains. It comes in 140cm or 280cm wide it is a black-out face fabric, but my rep tells me it is being used as a black-out lining. It comes in lots of colours but also ivory and cream. I can confirm it has a nice drape. You do not need to buy a full roll.


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                  Many thanks for all your feedback on double width blackout. I have now come across another problem, I have not made blackout lined curtains before, only interlined blackout curtains, which I make up by hand in the same way as non blackout interlined curtains.
                  I have read up on several methods of making BO lined curtains such as using the blackout as interlining and then using a cotton lining as well, or using the BO instead of the cotton lining, but taking it right up to the edges and folding the face fabric over the BO. Does the latter work well? I can't help but think it might make the edges curl. With this method is the BO stitched to the hem, or does it hang loose?
                  Has anyone any experience of using a blackout fleece lining, I can't help but think this would give a better finish....
                  Any pointers would be very much appreciated!
                  Thank you wise ones!