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curtain lengths and eyelets

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  • curtain lengths and eyelets

    hi i was looking for advice i am making a roman blind and voile curtain for the kitchen and the person want the curtain going ton the side asymmetric style i not sure if i should add extra on to the length of the curtain i looked in the encyclopaedia of curtains and could not find it. and another question does anybody use the eyelet making machine on merrick and day i think its about £100 to buy if so is it worth buying i not got anything to put eyelet on a machanic told me tape ones fall off i would be gratful for any advice esther

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    Re: curtain lengths and eyelets

    Hi Esther

    The eyelet press sold by M&D costs just under £400.00 for the machine and dies required to cut and close the eyelet - The hand held presses that you hit with a hammer aren't worth buying as they are hard work. The mechanic has advised you correctly, plastic eyelets used with eyelet tape do fall off.

    You could send the curtains away to have the eyelets pressed in, or you could put up a post on this forum asking if anyone in your region has an eyelet press who could help you out.

    Have you registered your business yet?

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      Re: curtain lengths and eyelets

      Dare I say it......I don't have an eyelet press and don't know anyone locally who has, so I've made an number of pairs of curtains using eyelet tape & press on eyelet rings and none have fallen off yet. I'm sure my customers would have let me know if they had. Having said that, before I've agreed to the eyelet heading, I have made sure the fabric they're going on isn't too thick otherwise you can't get the eyelets on.


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        Re: curtain lengths and eyelets

        Jane - there is someone quite near you who has a press (I use her too) - will PM you the details if your interested.