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    i am making some curtains and the fabric is applique hippo and giraffe and zebra on a john lewis fabric. but the pictures are not in the exact same spacing they are off two to 6cm. is this a normal thing. i am making pinch pleat curtains only one width in each but just wondering if anyone else has used this fabric you cant exactly pattern match. customer supplied fabric

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    Re: applique fabric

    I think that up to 5cm off grain across the width is usually acceptable, although a right pain! Also if the animals are appliqued on, then there will be even more chance of not matching. Is there a pattern on the background, and does that match?

    If the customer supplied it, go back to them and explain the situation. It is then up to them whether to ask you to do the best you can or take it back and get it changed.
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    Pen Harrison
    Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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      Re: applique fabric

      I think if you tell the customer about it then it will be her decision. As there is only one width in each curtain it probably wont matter all that much. It certainly isn't unusual for a pattern not to be straight, but if you have enough material then you could just move it up into line. I have 3 long roman blinds on patio doors in an applique fabric which is way out, but I moved the fabric so that one flower half matches the flower half on the next blind and it is amazing how many people have commented how clever I am to have matched the pattern so well, but they don't notice that the flowers drop down dramatically across the width of the window.