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Bonded interling/lining or blackout

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  • Bonded interling/lining or blackout


    I am about to redo curtains using Globaltex Butterfly range which is very thin, my customer now realises they must be interlined or blackout lined. Many of you suggested this in my previous posts on this fabric. The curtains have a normal lining at present.

    I was thinking more towards the bonded interlining/lining (Merrick and Day) to cut down on the hand stitching to this very thin material ! OR normal blackout lining. The window does have a blackout roller blind which will be changed to a Roman when finances allow, as this new lining has set her back.

    Any suggestions please?


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    Re: Bonded interling/lining or blackout

    I know this fabric & it is like tissue paper! If I was making curtains with it, I definitely I would NOT use any form of bonded interlining as it's too stiff. As the window currently has a blackout roller blind, I would interline these curtains with something like 220g sarill (as the fabric has a white background, I'd use white sarill rather than creamy domett so it doesn't impact the the colour of the fabric). And when you make the roman to replace the roller, use bonded blackout/interlining in it.

    The Americans don't interlock when they interline & there's a case for not interlocking except on joins when using silk so perhaps, as this fabric is SO thin, you could just interlock on the joins and not down the middle of the widths.


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      Re: Bonded interling/lining or blackout

      I quite agree with Jane on this - I would definitely interline this fabric and blackout the roman blind. Also I only interlock on the seams of fabric regardless of what fabric it is.

      Best of luck

      K W Designs