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    Don't laugh at my question but have started doing some work for a local shop, and nearly all the work is bag lined curtains!
    Not my cup of tea, but they pay quite well, so with most of my work being hand sewn interlined curtains, I am a bit rusty on how things go.

    Could anyone kindly give my a run down of order of work, they main thing that I need to know is how much do you allow for placing the lining to the fabric above the hems and how do you allow for cutting the lining against the fabric.

    Hope this makes sense, and yes I sound as if I need some omega 3.

    Appreciate any responses.

    Kind Regards
    Kind Regards
    Julie Monty

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    Re: Bag Lined Curtains

    I would place the edge of the hemmed lining about 3-4cm above the edge of the hemmed curtain panel, RS together, then machine. The lining needs to be approx. 15-16cm narrower than the fabric panel.

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      Re: Bag Lined Curtains

      It's been a long while, but don't you make the hems of the curtain and the lining, then RS together for the side hems, turn and make a mock mitre in the corners (or even just fold straight down).

      I dont quite understand your question, but if the lining is slightly narrower than the fabric, then it should work out okay.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings