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Sun protection silk curtains

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  • Sun protection silk curtains

    I am about to make some silk curtains for a client. The window is south facing and so i have bought some bump interlining and a heavy cotton lining. I have noticed in the forum dimout has been mentioned I havent come across this before what is it and do i need to add this also to my layers (between the interlining and lining). If so where do i buy it from and is it just interlocked in with all the other layers. Dont want to use blackout lining as it is so stiff.

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    Re: Sun protection silk curtains

    Hi Natasha,
    I opt to use venus dimout on silk curtains as it very soft and fluid. It takes a while to get used to handling it and its very fluid and doesnt hold a straight line easily. Its very robust and you can sew into it without the fear of light bleed into the stitch holes as it self heals.

    I tend to do the following:

    Face fabric

    I lay the dimout ontop of the interlining and lock into place with a running stitch( you can also herringbone) . Interlocking tends not to work so well as the dimout "stretches". I also allow plenty of length and width and trim back the excess after interlocking and taking into the hems and sidelays as it has a tendancy to "move". I join it much as you would interlining, placing the edges together and herringbone in place on the seams.

    I hope I have expalined that ok and havent confused the issue

    It pretty robust stuff, but on silk it works so well. I buy mine from Edmund Bell.

    I will be bringing a roll to the Decozo gathering at Denton Drapes incase anyone wants to feel/see/touch and experiment with it.

    Its a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it!


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      Re: Sun protection silk curtains

      Hi Natasha, I used English supersoft blackout from Evans recently on silk curtains, it wasn't stiff at all, infact it draped fairly well. Problem was, it changed the colour of the fabric from a soft white/ivory to a dull dingy grey!. I hated it, had to unpick all the stitching and remove it. However, this won't happen with all fabrics, will depend on the colour/weave etc.

      Having never used it, not sure if this same problem can happen with dimout too.

      Cat C.
      Kind regards



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        Re: Sun protection silk curtains

        Hi Natasha,

        [email protected] has explained the making side better than i ever could so i'll not expand on that. I also use the Dimout for blinds and have have recently switchd from Bells to the new Twilight range from Evans - they have a range of 15 colours in their brochure but also have a "white" called Quebec 840006. It's £3.75p/m for the colours and i got the white for £3.25, worth it and cheaper than Bells who charged me £4.50 earlier this year.