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  • Puffed header - Tagged?

    I have just made a heading for a client which was basically a puffed header - 15cm of fabric left above the header tape and then another 15cm folded back to sit under the tape at the back. I encased a layer of net into the fold. The curtains were then gathered up to the right width and the header folded down over the front of the curtain. It was teased out into lots of creases and folds. The fabric was unlined silk ( yes I did warn about fading etc!!) and she wanted a billowing effect with the header to look like "Gwyneth Paltrows Bodice"! The effect was lovely and the scrunched up silk looked good enough to eat. Before I spent hours stab stitching it into place I secured every now and then with a mico tagging gun. The curtains are now up, she is delighted. Do I now take them down and spend ages stab stitching or do I just leave it tagged? You cannot see the tags as they are hidden in the folds, they would easily break if she wanted to undo the header for any reason and it would save a lot of time if I could leave it as it is. I keeping mulling over these "pros" and cannot think of any "cons" (other than the odd tag coming undone) but feel I would be cheating if I did not sew them in place . What would you do??


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    Re: Puffed header - Tagged?

    I have to be honest and say that if its up, looks great and the customer is happy ....then leave well alone.
    You could always say that you used tags because as the curtain was unlined you wanted to keep the handling and therefore the creasing of it to a minimun so you tagged the bunches. OR say nowt!!!!!! I rather suspect the later is best.
    I have used tags before on a roman blind, cannot say I was happy but in that instance it worked and there was no way I was taking it down etc etc. so I agree with your feelings but don't make more work for yourself.



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      Re: Puffed header - Tagged?

      Hi Julie,
      Any chance you would take a photo and show the puffed header curtain - would love to see it - thanks


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        Re: Puffed header - Tagged?

        Definitely leave it tagged. You have a professional looking finish, and your client is pleased. Why make work for yourself?
        Kind regards
        Pen Harrison
        Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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          Re: Puffed header - Tagged?

          Tagged is the way to go!

          Best Wishes,
          Susan Woodcock
          Charlotte, NC