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Trouble with curtain linings

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  • Trouble with curtain linings

    Help please before I pull out all my hair !!!

    I'm currently in the middle of making a very long pair of lined Laura Ashley curtains (2.77mtr). Only 1.1/2 widths so shouldn't be a problem.... I've hand stitched the hems and should have, according to my measurements 2" overlap at the top before adding heading tape. I normally sew the linings to the main fabric at the sides by machine. However the lining (also Laura Ashley) seems very soft and was extremely creased, so I had to iron it before working with it. As soon as I add the lining, the lenth becomes 2" shorter than it was can this be.?? I've unpicked the lining once, remeasured, and yes my calculations are correct and I should be left with enough to turn over at the top. Restitched lining to curtain fabric and hey presto, too short again. What's going on ????
    At the moment I have the fabric hanging over my table as I think I have handled it enough for today and am hoping the fairies may come in the night and make everything OK again. Heeeellpppppp xx

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    Re: Trouble with curtain linings

    Personally I always hand sew my linings on - making sure I ease it slightly as I pin, so that it is not tight on the fabric - it might be better for you to try this, and maybe it won't pull the fabric up.
    I worked with Laura Ashley lining a few months ago and I thought it was awful - very soft, and I am sure it is going to have a much shorter life than a good quality sateen.
    Hope it works out.


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      Re: Trouble with curtain linings

      It must be your machine tension, making the seam shorten. Try stitching the lining on by hand and it should be okay.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: Trouble with curtain linings

        This may be a silly question, but have you checked the length of your main fabric just in case your measurements are wrong.

        Have you registered your business yet?

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          Re: Trouble with curtain linings

          Hi, Many thanks for your replies. Looks like hand stitching is going to be the solution. I have measured the main fabric correctly Philip, it just seems to be taken up when the lining is sewn on. Thanks again.


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            Re: Trouble with curtain linings

            Hello there

            I have just had the same problem with Roman blinds. In my case I thought I had measured wrong as it reduced the width so much. I unpicked both blinds and re-did them with a border to increase the width. Blow me if it didn't happen again. I lost 10 cms.

            I'm now on a mission to find more of the fabric I used to completely re-do them, but I won't be using the same lining again for sure! I looked on the internet to see if anyone had encountered this problem and found a video on YouTube about making no-sew Roman blinds, and one of the reasons for doing this was the shrinkage due to sewing.

            I think the answer is to use a more sturdy lining fabric, or hand sew.

            Good luck, Jessie
            I'd rather be sewing!


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              Re: Trouble with curtain linings

              Would it be possible to take the lining UNDER the main fabric turn over , so the placement of the lining lays under the main fabric top fold over then add the heading tape over the top??.


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                Re: Trouble with curtain linings

                Sorry ignore my ramblings, just re read and then gathered it was the main fabric shrinking in length not the lining.

                I think I need coffee


                and now I'm confusing myself , which isnt hard today!

                Can you confirm if its the lining shrinking or the main fabric

                If anyone needs me I will be laying in a darkened room muttering to myself


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                  Re: Trouble with curtain linings

                  Thanks Tam, and everyone else that commented. Problem resolved. Hand sewn linings did the job. Am definitely not recommending Laura Ashly lining to anyone after this !!!
                  I love this site, people are so friendly and helpful