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    After talking to a few curtain making mates, am I been to fussy with the way I am makiig interlined curtains?

    I put the interlining on interlocking the centre piece then halfway along (if it is two widths per curtain), then herringbone sitch the sides.

    I have then been turning the face fabric sides over and then herringbone them to the interlining - is that necessary, its seems to be taking me ages to make a pair of curtains.

    Would the interlining stay put if I cut this step out, and then just put the lining on to the interlinging and slip stitch the sides - Hope all this makes sense cos I am really getting cheesed off with the time scale I am taking. Makes upholstery look a doddle

    Kind Regards
    Julie Monty

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    Re: Any Short Cuts

    I always interlock the lining to the fabric about 20cm from the edges as well as on the fold ( in addition to the centre and halfway) I then turn the face fabric over and herringbone before stitching the lining on. It does seem to take an age, but I would be worried about the interling moving or sagging. As long as you charge for the time involved, I would persevere. I do tend to take more care on the leading edge, and may miss the 20cm interlocking on the back edge!!!


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      Re: Any Short Cuts

      Hi Julie,
      I interlock twice across a width and on the seams. The interlining is folded into the side hem and herringboned.

      Don't forget that you are (should be) charging for this high quality hand stitching.

      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings