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  • linen

    Hi all,

    Customer has given me a roll of material to make eyelet curtains and a roman blind. She says it's linen. I'm not ready to start them until next week as I'm busy painting. I opened the corner of the roll just to have a quick peak and it looks and feels like a sack - ah........... I'm dreading it. I've never made curtains with material like it. Can any of you give me some advice about this linen - is there anything I shouldn't do - like steam/iron it etc., Any advice before next week would be appreciater.


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    Re: linen

    Depending on the weave of the fabric it will dicate how you handle it tbo. If the weave is tight it is better to work with as it stretches less.

    IF you need to iron or lightly steam it ( avoid it if possible) then steam iron it as you measure and before you cut your lengths. That way the shrinkage rate will be the same all throughout the roll. I tend to allow extra in length too as achieving a straight line on the more open weaves are a task and a half. The way I tend to do this is to square off the bottom egde then measure up to the finished cut length,pop in a pin as a marker. If its a plain fabric and you need to make sure you cut length s are remaining true and square, fold the fabric in half width wise , like lapped lining , use your 90 degree angle rule and mark the accross the width , then work your way up the roll . I always mark the lengths with pins and check the fabric as I go , pressing the linen as I go so its preshrunk before cutting! Once you have made your cut lengths leave them to "rest" . At least this way if you do need to steam them on fitting they should'nt shrink/stretch too much~that said theres no guarantees. Thats my theory anyway! Others may differ Maybe think about having the curtain length slightly longer to avoid the worry of even hems on linen, it sometimes has a tendancy to stretch/spring back once hung, not sure how this will look with eyelet headed curtains though.

    Linen is supposed to have that crumpled look anyway so try not to worry about it too much.

    It will be fine,


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      Re: linen

      Thanks Tam, for all that invaluable info. I've now found out that it's Roger Oates Design - The Long Barn - Design Richmond - colour Rose/Grey. Someone out there may have used it before so any help please before I tackle it. It feels lovely and looks like it wont need any ironing but who knows until I start, I'm dreading it.

      Thanks again Tam.