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Curtain backs?????

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  • Curtain backs?????

    Hi everyone - hope you can answer this one!
    Is there a standard measurement as to how much of the face fabric should show on the reverse of your curtain or is there a minimum measurement? Do you always cut off the selvedge edge?

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    Re: Curtain backs?????

    Morning Blueskies,

    I usually turn in 3" face fabric and pin at 1" so that makes 1" showing. If its a stripe fabric or there is a particular pattern that asks to be followed then go with that but don't make the turning less than 2" and I like to trim off the excess lining level with the turning. Just check however that you have allowed enough width if you are turning in to pattern.
    As to the selvedge, if it has a very strong colour code or writing that is visible through the fabric as well as the lining then yes I would trim it off. I hate to see that underneath the lining at the sides. I know that they are facing the window but I still feel its one of those ' attention to details' that the customer is paying for....also trim it back at the seams if its very wide.
    Not set in stone, buts that how I do it.



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      Re: Curtain backs?????

      Hi Blueskies,
      Like Enid, I always trim the selveges - they often have a thicker thread incorporated or are woven differently and may pucker or stretch.

      I turn under 5cm/2" on side hems and have 2.5cm/1" of fabric showing when the lining is stitched on.

      Like everything in soft furnishings there is no right or wrong way to do things!
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings