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Hung curtains end up too short!

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  • Hung curtains end up too short!

    Hi everyone

    Just wanted to ask- from your experience - when making floor lenght curtains, do you make them the precise heading to floor measurement, or do you add on a bit for tolerance?

    I've just been making some very large curtains for a client 2.4 m wide x 2.2 m drop - when I hind=g the curtains they were about 1 cm too short, even though the length was exactly right when I measured them lying down on my work table. At the edges they were even worse - about 2 cm off the floor! I checked the pole + floor - all were level. Luckily I managed to adjust the hooks, so the clent was happy in the end.

    I just really want to know what I'm doing wrong! Could the curtain be 'jumping up' more at the edges - perhaps due to the extra thickness of fabric ? I press the lining + main fabric seams into the edge.

    Also, I was wondering what other people do regarding pressing seams - can pressing cause shrinkage?

    Please help!!!!


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    Re: Hung curtains end up too short!

    Hello Paula

    Oh dear dont be too hard on yourself - thankfully you could alter the hooks. I think a cm off the floor is fine - when you measure for the curtain drop always measure about three times on the track - centre and outsides, you will be amazed how much different they can be.

    I always press my seams they need to be flat, sometimes the selvages can tighten them up a bit, I think we have spoke about this on another post just recently. I also always make sure I put a pin measure on the selvages in case of this problem. Not sure if pressing can cause shrinkage though!

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      Re: Hung curtains end up too short!

      Hello Paula,
      Pressing can definitely cause shrinkage, especially if the iron is too hot! Always check the recommended setting, and also the setting on your iron. Some irons get hotter than others.
      Kind regards
      Pen Harrison
      Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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        Re: Hung curtains end up too short!

        Hi Paula

        It sounds as if you managed to get over the differing length problem but I know what you mean, you need to know the reason why this has happened. I certainly agree with Pen, do be careful when pressing and use the suitable temp. for the fabric. I had experience with this recently when I was working with 100% polyester and it shrunk by 5cm. vertically but strangely not on the width. Won't make that mistake again !! It's also worth checking the tension on your machine is not too tight for the type of fabric you are using.

        Cat C.
        Kind regards



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          Re: Hung curtains end up too short!

          A hot iron and steam will cause this problem as already said - I avoid ironing when possible and favour finger creasing.

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            Re: Hung curtains end up too short!

            Did you measure them on your table after you pressed them? Were they shorter than before?