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Help needed with what to do first

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  • Help needed with what to do first

    I now have the curtains and linings squared, patterns matched and ready to commence sewing . Never having made curtains with linings attached could someone please let me know the correct order to sew things together?

    I am using eyelet tape on these curtains.

    Is it possible to sew the hems on the lining and fabric prior to sewing the side seams of the fabric and lining together?

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    Re: Help needed with what to do first

    Face Fabric:

    Cut and join the widths, iron in the hem and side turings and measure the length and turn the top. Lay the curtain out and mitre the corners, slip stitch the hems and herringbine the sides.


    Join your linings and machine sew the hems

    Put together:

    Lay the face fabric out and attach the linings - Interlock every 1/4 width (optional / personal choice) and then slip stitch the linings to the face fabric. Pin across the top.


    Attach the head tape / eyelet tape..

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      Re: Help needed with what to do first

      Thanks Schuhby, that's great I can now get started