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removal of fold/crease

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  • removal of fold/crease

    The fabric I am using for curtains has been folded in half and rolled, therefore it has a crease across the width of the fabric. It has obviously been like this for time and the crease will not
    come out. I have tried steaming it and hanging the curtains for a while but it refuses to budge.
    Does anyone have any suggestions please.

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    Re: removal of fold/crease

    I have the same problem - a double width fine cotton. I have done the same as you and steamed it, to no avail.

    If you're making curtains with it, I think you just have to either realise you'll probably lose it in the fullness or, if your conscience won't allow you to do that, tell the customer.

    It is NOT your fault at the end of the day.

    Unfortunately, mine is a wide roman blind and the crease is (to my eye) evident but the customer is so totally unaware of it even though I think there is a slight dirty mark on the crease that used to be a roll end.....


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      Re: removal of fold/crease


      I have used white vinegar on pressed creases in the past and had some success. I dab it on the crease using an old white cotton tea towel and then press it with a steam iron. Your fabric smells a bit like a chip shop afterwards(!) but the smell does fade and I also spray fabreeze on the fabric just to be sure.

      I heard about this method on Richard and Judy about a year ago and when I had pressed something in the wrong place and then couldn't press it out again, I remembered this method and gave it a try and it worked!



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        Re: removal of fold/crease

        How clever Helen. I will give it a go....but not on the blind till I've decided if she could cope with the smell.

        Thank you!


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          Re: removal of fold/crease

          Hi Rosie and Helen
          Thank you both for your advice. I will try the vinegar.
          I found a dirty removal spray here in spain and after testing it decided to give it a go and although it didn´t remove the crease
          it removed most of the dirt on the crease line, making the crease line less noticable..Ithink! Anyway my client was happy.
          I think you are right though what is evident to us as professionals!! is not always noticed by the client.
          I love this site it´s great.
          Thnak you again Ladies.
          Kind regards


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            Re: removal of fold/crease

            I try to avoid these double width fabric for just this very reason. One of my first professional jobs was using the stuff and I was gutted as I thought the crease line was very noticeable, although the client was happy. I try to point this out now in advance if a client is considering it.

            P.S. I have been warned in the past on this forum about using Febreze on fabrics, so I have stopped doing that. I spray my workroom table last thing at night though, to give a fresh smell to the room and my work without spraying on directly.