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London Design Week - Inverted pleats

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  • London Design Week - Inverted pleats


    Did anyone go to the London Design Week? I went and saw some curtains with inverted pleats that were able to open and close, was unable to touch the heading or see the back of sample curtain but it seemed to be of a soft material. Do you think this was just for show or is there something new out there??


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    Re: London Design Week - Inverted pleats

    Hi Joan
    I have made several pairs of working inverted pleat curtains for an Interior Designer.
    They worked very well, the pleat becomes the part that goes backward and the space then comes forward. The only thing to be aware of is too keep the pleats quite small. I would say no more the a max of 15cms as you have to be aware of the projection of the brackets so the pleats do not rub the wall. I hope that this all makes sense.
    Kindest Regards


    Denton Drapes


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      Re: London Design Week - Inverted pleats

      Makes perfect sense Pen - the pleats I saw were very small but nonetheless looked fantastic, they also managed to pattern match perfectly, but I suppose the pleat size would also depend on the pattern.

      Many thanks