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  • Horizontal pattern repeat

    I am trying to estimate fabric quantities for curtains, and the fabric in question has a 'horizontal' and vertical pattern repeat. Does this mean that after working out the cut drop incorporating the vertical pattern repeat, the pattern may not match at the selvedges? I'm new to the forum today....but am hoping someone might be able to advise. Many thanks.

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    Re: Horizontal pattern repeat

    Hello alli-g and welcome to the forum..

    Fabrics are printed in blocks and generally have a horizontal repeat and a vertical repeat - the horizontal repeat is often given so you can work out your pleat positioning and the amount of fabric you will require width ways. I would recommend that you double check and enquire to establish if the fabric is a straight match or a half drop repeat. If it's a half drop this basically means you should add 1/2 a pattern repeat to every other drop.

    If you're still not comfortable with this, cut your first drop and then lay the fabric out and check the match before you cut the next drops.

    I hope this helps!
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      Re: Horizontal pattern repeat

      For a quick reminder about calculating drops and vertical pattern repeats, take a look here

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