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  • Corners Flicking Out

    Hi All

    It has been some time since I last spoke to you all and that was on AW. I have been really busy and hope that you all have. This query is one I read on AW, however I would like your comments.

    The corners on my curtains always seem to flick out which is incredibly annoying. Whether they are interlined or not, weighted or not, full drop or cill level, even if I have cut-away some of the fabric - what am I doing wrong - it's driving me insane.

    Any comments, suggestions please would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Corners Flicking Out

    Hi Lily Jane

    In my experiance this problem is caused by rolling hems - Usually happens when using thicker fabrics and can make dressing curtains a nightmare! The solution would be to treat the fabric as you would velvet and treat the hems and mitres like you would when making velvet curtains. ie. a deeper, single hem and false mitre. It's about reducing the bulk in the hems.

    This post reminds me of my first ever paying customer - She order 3 sets of swags & tails, curtains and tiebacks.. The fabric was thick and I used the normal 6" folded hem, when I put the curtains up they just would not hang straight, they were for some reason "A" line in the stack back position.. fine when closed - I made my excuses and suggested we put the hooks in the top pocket and have the curtains sit on the floor - Thankfully this masked the problem and she was very pleased with them, but I made it my mission to find out why.

    Hope this solves your problem..

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