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    Hi all long time no speek, busy life and all that. ( I have to make a table clotch for a 3m table. now the fabric will be a chenille. its going to be used now and again for special occasions. to have a special meal on. the fabric is quite dark and durable. i recommended spray it with scotchguard or similar. i have never used a spray can before. is it just a quick spray and dry. or would it be better to get the fabric treated before i get it. (has anyone used this spray before_and where do i buy it from. what would you do) and does it change the gold to a dull gold like the fr treatment did on this fabric.

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    Re: stain pro

    Hi Dee

    Nice to see you, hope you're well! Contact your supplier and ask them what their charges are for pre-treating fabrics, it's usually around £3 a metre with a min charge of £30.

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