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  • Curtains for four poster bed

    Evening folks

    I am in the process of doing the soft furnishings for a rather grand house, including a canopy for one four poster bed and simple, non-functional dress curtains for another. I am not sure how/what to construct that is sufficiently "grand" that would reflect the age of the place and the colour schemes already in situ. All the furniture has been specially made, the beds are very plain but extremely wide and they are "serviced" annually by the manufacturers so I imagine it would invalidate any type of guarantee if I interfere with the material structure too much by installing fittings/mountings. The designer is suggesting just plain, very full and unlined curtains to puddle around each vertical strut, but I am thinking about how to gather it in at certain horizontal points to give it more interest. Any ideas how to attach it to the uprights, how to ensure it stays dressed around each upright and suppliers of something like coloured cotton muslin or equivalent would be much appreciated. The other bed will probably end up with the equivalent of a giant "hat" sat on top of it, I imagine I could do that with stick on hook tape to the horizontals and sew in loop tape to the fabric, but any other thoughts will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Curtains for four poster bed

    Hi Ali G,

    What a fabulous job! Better than remakes that will probably be a bit of my bread and butter over the next few weeks....

    Could you post a photograph of the bed in situ to give a better idea of room size vs bed size so we have a better idea of proportions and colourways? It might also be advisable to ask your customers if you could speak to the bed-maintainers to discuss what you can/can't do to the bed as you dress it??? Just thought....


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      Re: Curtains for four poster bed

      Hi Ali G

      You may find the following posts of interest and the pictures below from our gallery.

      Four poster bed drapes

      MyDecozo Admin


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        Re: Curtains for four poster bed

        Hello Philip,

        What beautiful photographs! I'm sure Ali G will like them.


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          Re: Curtains for four poster bed

          You have probably already looked, but M&D Encyclopaedia of Curtains has a section on drapes for 4 poster/tester beds.

          sigpic Simply Sewing


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            Re: Curtains for four poster bed

            Hi, Ali,
            Whatever style, I think you need to consider contrast lining rather than unlined curtains - you wont have the seams on the edges, and two fabrics will make the whole thing grander!
            Kind regards
            Pen Harrison
            Colly Brook Fine Furnishings


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              Re: Curtains for four poster bed

              Here are the rooms in question, it's a 14th century place, so everything is large scale. They had tied duvet covers around the verticals for a photo shoot they had done and a curtain over the bed as a throw. I am finishing off someone else's work and doing new stuff for them. The red room is where the designer wants just a very full muslin effect, but I am thinking lots and lots of creamy muslin won't really be in keeping with the relative grandeur of the house although the interiors they have chosen are pretty contemporary. I will bear in mind the possibility of seams showing using a very fine fabric but I am coming unstuck re how to attach them to the posts. The bed pictures posted by the C word are fab but not what's been requested. Thanks for all your responses.

              Ali G

              [attachment=1:124m5cd3]Bed Two.jpeg[/attachment:124m5cd3]
              [attachment=0:124m5cd3]Bed One.jpeg[/attachment:124m5cd3]


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                Re: Curtains for four poster bed

                Double thickness, so good to look at from both sides, and some form of tab attaching them over the corners, so you're not harming the bed frame? Attach tiebacks, or tie ins, rather, with something like a belt loop?
                Fab rooms, but I'd be wanting deep embroidered curtains myself, though I expect they've eliminated the 14thC draughts.


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                  Re: Curtains for four poster bed

                  What about a sort of double sided curtain which hangs over the top rail. Sew them together up the sides but leave a gap at the top of the side seam where the rail goes through. And use velcro to attach them to each other at the top of the rail which avoids fixing them to the bed itself. If they're going to spend their lives in situ & not being drawn, the velcro should be strong enough to hold them in place. Would that work??


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                    Re: Curtains for four poster bed

                    Hello Ali G,

                    They really are Grand Rooms with Grand Beds! It's a real job and a half. I would seriously consider speaking to the bed people. They must have other clients who have had their beds dressed and will surely have suggestions on how to 'attach' dressings to their creations.

                    As to sheers, it would take a lot a lot of fullness to hide seams and joins.