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Eyelet placement/calculations

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  • Eyelet placement/calculations


    Now me not having an eyelet machine, so subcontract any eyelets headed curtains out, I have now considered purchasing an eyelet press ( thanks Penny!)

    Now having not worked on a pair before I am wondering how the placement of the eyelets work with avoiding calculating an eyelet being placed on a join.

    Has anyone got any tips or specific calculations they use to ensure the eyelets are placed inbetween joins?

    Easy explainations will be greatly appreciaited !

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    Re: Eyelet placement/calculations

    I keep a length of buckram with eyelet holes stamped out - I use this as a guide and measuring jig so I know what to finish the curtains to.. I lay this on the curtain, check I'm happy with the fall of the eyelet holes, if I'm not, I adjust when turning in the sides..

    The press has a jig attached so you cut and press the first eyelet, move this across to the jig and cut and press the second eyelet and continue this across the curatin. ... achine.pdf

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      Re: Eyelet placement/calculations

      Thanks Phillip that makes perfect sense!

      I am going to make myself a large pair of eyelets as a tester first, so that tip will be invaluable Of course thats once I buy my eyelet press !


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        Re: Eyelet placement/calculations

        Copied this link from somewhere.

        Might be useful.