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  • lizzy
    I always allow a sixth of the window on either side regardless of what I am doing and it works. Obviously you ,may need less for lined only wave but I would still do that and then they won't be tight,

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  • jasmine
    started a topic Wave Stackback

    Wave Stackback

    I have been asked to make 2 pairs of lined wave curtains. One pair is going on a SG Uncorded Metropole ( recess - 173cms), the other on a corded (one side) Metropole (recess - 234cms. I am trying to work out how long I should order the poles at. I need to allow for the curtains to stackback on either side of the window. The cord spacing is 80mm. SG give a stackback measurement of 18 per metre of track.This is for the gliders to all bunch together.

    My question is - How much extra should I allow in addition to the 18 per metre of track calculation so the wave pleats can hang more relaxed and not be tightly bunched together when the curtains are drawn back? How much stackback should I allow for these recess sizes?