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making blackout curtains that are longer {and wider} than my cutting table

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  • making blackout curtains that are longer {and wider} than my cutting table

    Could you help! I'm making some long blackout curtains which are longer than my table, normally I would measure about a meter up from the hem and then pin though all layers before moving. Obviously I can't do that with blackout, can anyone offer me some advice. Many thanks Jackie

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    You could fold the fabric where you would usually pin it and hold it with bulldog clips or paper clips.

    Have fun!

    Best wishes


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      Thanks Liz

      I’ve just given that a go, it works until I have to move the curtains along and then everything seems to move. It doesn’t help that the fabric is a very loose weave linen and so very stretchy. I’ve folded it up and gone onto some other work while I have a think!


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        Sorry that didn't work Jackie. Would it be worth trying DST to hold the layers together?

        That sort of 'bendy' fabric complicates everything so much doesn't it? it's bad enough when it all fits on the table !

        Maybe someone else on here will have a brilliant solution.

        Best wishes


        • jackieS
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          Editing a comment
          What is DST

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        DST = double sided tape

        narrow double-sided tape that can either be temporary or permanent - sold in the Mydecozo shop
        Super Sticky Double Sided Tape - 9mm x 50m Roll. This sale is for a single roll of the tried and trusted, super sticky, double sided tape used by professional curtain makers up and down the county. CheckDecozo Supplies for more accessories for curtain and blind makers, general soft furnishers and DIY'ers.

        sigpic Simply Sewing


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          Sorry Jackie- should have explained! Thanks Louise for coming to the rescue.


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            Thanks for all your advice, eventually I used masking tape and some clips to hold the lining in position while I folded and moved the curtain around. I’m still not 100% confident that everything stayed in place, so I’ll have my fingers crossed when the job goes out next week!