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Covered buttons - size?

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  • Covered buttons - size?

    Has anyone got any advice on the size of buttons to use on some double pleat curtains I'm making please? Pole is 2.4m, drop 145cm, material is a linen like cream with grey checks, standard lining, and customer has provided own grey light weight cotton material for buttons. I have no idea what size to use! is there a chart somewhere that I've missed? I'm a little bit up against time for me to sort this so can't use a button covering service. Many thanks.

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    There's no set sizing for decorative buttons because it's a creative embellishment and thus it's totally up to you! Are your double pleats going to be narrow and delicate in appearance? You've mentioned the plain grey button covers will be a lightweight cotton, so I wouldn't go above an inch in diameter as the curtain drop is short and the pinches will be not oversized (ie. normal). I don't think you'd want the buttoning to dominate the heading. So I suggest 20mm dia buttons and the plastic type cover button that comes with a gadget that helps with holding the circle of cloth while you press the back on.
    Good luck!